Ford Edge Years To Avoid

Ford Edge Years To Avoid

If you’re looking for one of the best economical, mid-sized family SUVs, you can’t go wrong with Ford Edge. With its strong and reliable nature, it is built to last several years on the road. However, just like with any product, you should be cautious while choosing the right model of SUV in the Ford Edge line of cars.

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or looking to expand your knowledge about Ford Edge, you may want to know the models that are not worth your time and bucks. Therefore, we have curated a list of some of the worst Ford Edge models you should avoid while picking out a ride for yourself!

7 Worst Ford Edge Years You Should Avoid

Due to various performance issues, design, and manufacturing problems, some Ford Edge years have performed terribly over time. Even the budget-friendly cost and outclassed features of these SUVs don’t justify the prevalent defects in those cars.

Here is the list of the 7 worst Ford Edge years you should totally avoid:

1.    2007 Ford Edge

We start off our list with the very first model of Ford Edge, launched in 2007. The earliest launched Ford Edge models are notorious for a number of problems that made the user experience of driving and maintaining these cars truly horrendous. The major issues that consumers faced with the 2007 Ford Edge are listed below:

  • Clicking noise and roar from the wheel area
  • Low-quality transmission system
  • Brake failures
  • Fuel economy

Furthermore, the 2007 Ford Edge model also faced various engine noise, agility, and visibility issues. There were also a total of reported complaints about this car on Car Complaints. On top of that, according to Consumer Reports, 6 recall notifications were also issued for this specific model.

2.    2008 Ford Edge

Ford Motor Company failed to fix the problems customers had been complaining about even with the release of the 2008 Ford Edge Model. It inherited various problems from the 2007 model that drastically dropped its value in the eyes of consumers. In fact, the SUV even saw a downgrade in some areas from the preceding model, like engine stability. The various issues people faced with the 2008 Ford Edge are given below:

  • Transmission system failure
  • Noise from the engine and rear wheels
  • Braking system failure
  • Fuel economy
  • Engine stalling while driving

It amassed over 192 complaints at Car Complaints, with most of them highlighting the above-mentioned issues. Despite it having an overall good customer rating at Consumer Reports, the manufacturing faults are hard to ignore; some of them called for 7 recall notifications about the car.

3.    2011 Ford Edge

2011 Ford Edge

Even though the next couple of years after 2008 showed significant improvement, Ford hit another road bump with its 2011 Ford Edge. This car saw a ton of backlash after its release since the 2011 Ford Edge was riddled with basic problems that shouldn’t exist in a car manufactured by such a company. The most prevalent issues reported in the hundred customer complaints focused on the following problems in the 2011 Ford Edge.

  • Problems with the functioning of the car’s lights
  • Door ajar lights stay on
  • Electrical system failures resulting in door lock and radio problems
  • Brake system failure

Moreover, issues like controls, rear visibility, transmission system, and electrical problems were remnant, among others. Due to these complications, customers mass reported complaints about various car features, and it garnered over 443 reports on Car Complaints. As seen from Consumer Reports, there were also a total of 3 recalls issues for this model.

4.    2012 Ford Edge

When Ford fails to deliver a quality car, we’ve seen by now that the model of the following year doesn’t feature any significant improvement either. The failure that the 2011 model was, Ford Motor Company seemingly stopped caring about the quality and performance of the Ford Edge. This is indicated by the fact that every consecutive model that followed continuously performed poorly. The various issues with the 2012 Ford Edge are mentioned below:

  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Braking system either fails or functions poorly
  • Engine losing power or completely failing while driving

Almost all the problems that plagued the 2011 model, including electrical problems, transmission system failure, lack of visibility, and controls instability existed in 2012 Ford Edge. There were a total of 230 reported customer complaints on Car Complaints. Furthermore, 3 recall issues for the model have also been reported.

5.    2013 Ford Edge

2013 Ford Edge 4dr SUV Limited Exterior

The year with the most reported complaints regarding Ford Edge was 2013, making it their worst launch to date. This model somehow ended up with the combination of almost every defect that existed in all the previous Ford Edge years. See the list of various problems the unfortunate owners of this model claimed to have faced below:

  • Coolant leakage issues
  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Completely unresponsive brakes
  • Engine stalling or completely shutting down during driving
  • Spongy or soft brake pedals

These issues, along with problems related to wind noise, transmission system, controls, and rear visibility truly made for a disaster of a launch. The 2013 Ford Edge model garnered over 631 customer complaints on Car Complaints. Moreover, 2 recall notifications about this SUV were issued.

6.    2015 Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge

While the 2014 Ford Edge provided the Ford Motor Company a sigh of relief with a more successful launch, the 2015 model quickly snatched that moment of serenity. The engine issues in the 2015 Ford Edge were some of the worst customers experienced in recent years. Major problems that existed in the 2015 model of this SUV are listed below:

  • Various engine problems reported, including complete engine failure while driving
  • Windows, windshield issues with vista glass often cracking
  • Braking and electrical issues

The car had significant visibility issues, with the people commonly highlighting how the thick roof pillars blocked their line of sight while driving. There were over 150 complaints reported by customers on Car Complaints. Due to safety concerns, 5 recalls were also issued about the 2015 Ford Edge, according to Consumer Reports.

7.    2016 Ford Edge

Finally, the last model that makes it to the list of the Ford Edge years you should avoid is the 2016 Ford Edge. It was the last model that saw a high number of customer complaints, and most of them were related to issues mentioned below:

  • Windows and windshield glass quality issues
  • Car lights fluctuating
  • Fuel economy

Although the overall electrical, transmission, and braking system of the car improved, some visibility issues still existed. It managed to amass a total of 117 customer complaints on Car Complaints, which admittedly isn’t as high as some of the other models on this list. However, according to Consumer Reports, this particular SUV had 5 recalls due to safety concerns.

That said, we’ve seen significant improvement in Ford Edge since 2016. While the company has declared that they’ll be discontinuing the Ford Edge after 2023 in an effort to push an all-electric lineup, we believe that the Ford Edge line was still able to produce some exceptional cars (apart from a few bad eggs)!

Ford Edge Ratings From Consumer Reports

All in all, Ford Edge is a great budget SUV that comes with many valuable features, but only a handful of models of this car are worth getting. Most of the models of Ford Edge are plagued with manufacturing and design issues rendering them difficult to maintain and drive.

The reliability verdict and owner satisfaction ratings of all the aforementioned Ford Edge years from Consumer Reports are listed below for your reference.

Ford Edge YearReliability Verdict (Out of 5)Owner Satisfaction (Out of 5)


This concludes our list of the worst performing Ford Edge years. You can never be too careful when choosing the right model of car for you, as your road safety may depend on it. We hope this list helps you determine which Ford Edge year you should avoid if you intend to purchase this beast of a car.






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