How to reset the oil light on Chevy Traverse?

If you own a Chevy Traverse, chances are you’ve faced the challenge of resetting the oil light. The oil light on a Chevy Traverse reminds the driver that it is time for an oil change. However, the oil light doesn’t turn off after an oil change automatically. Instead, you have to make it off manually. Resetting the oil light is a simple process, but it can be different depending on the model year of your Traverse. This blog post will look at how to reset the oil light on new and older models of Chevy Traverse. So, keep reading!

Why do you need to change the oil in your Chevy Traverse?

You should change the oil in your vehicle regularly to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Regular oil changes help reduce friction between moving parts, remove dirt and other contaminants, and maintain the optimal temperature for the engine. When you don’t change your oil, sludge can build up, causing the engine to run hotter and wear faster. It will eventually lead to more costly repairs or even complete engine failure.

Moreover, regular oil changes also enable better fuel economy and improved performance of your vehicle. If you do not stay up to date with your oil changes, it could cost you more money than it would have cost to maintain it in the first place properly. That’s why changing your Traverse’s oil and resetting the oil light after this task is crucial.

Things to keep in mind when changing the oil in Chevy Traverse

When changing the oil in your Chevy Traverse, you should keep a few things in mind.

·         First, make sure you’re using the correct type of oil for your engine. Not all Chevy Traverses require the same kind of oil. Moreover, using the wrong one can have serious harm to your engine.

·         Second, make sure to change the oil filter as well. It helps remove impurities from the oil and keeps your engine running smoothly.

·         Third, double-check that all connections are secure and that the oil dipstick is properly seated back into place when you’re finished.

·         Fourth, double check all bolts and nuts are tight and that any hoses or electrical connections are properly plugged in and secured.

·         Fifth, remember to use new washers for each bolt and nut you replace while changing the oil.

·         Lastly, once you’ve completed all of these steps and checked all connections, it’s time to reset your Chevy Traverse’s oil light.

Resetting the oil light on Second Generation (2018-Present) Chevy Traverse:

Follow these procedures for resetting the oil light on 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 models of Chevy Traverse.

Method 1:

1.       Start the car by turning the ignition key on to reset the oil light. However, be sure not to run the engine.

2.       Now move to the “Vehicle” option using the arrow keys on the steering wheel.

3.       After clicking the Vehicle tab, select “Oil life” to view the remaining oil percentage in your Traverse.

4.       After this, press and hold the “tick” or “checkmark” option for a few seconds. It will display a confirmation message.

5.       Next, confirm the oil light reset by clicking the “Yes” option using the arrow keys.

6.       To verify whether the oil light has been reset, turn off the car and restart it.

Method 2:

If you want a more simple and easy method to reset the Chevy Traverse oil light, follow this:

1.       Start the car without starting the engine

2.       Now press the accelerator pedal down slowly. Repeat this step three times within 5 seconds.

3.       The oil light will be reset.

Resetting the oil light on the First Generation (2009-2017) Chevy Traverse

For resetting the Chevy Traverse oil light on older models, i.e., 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, you can follow these methods.

For the first Generation Chevy Traverse, two methods exist to reset the oil light, depending on the model year. Some older models have a Driver Information Centre (DIC), and some have not. So, if you have an old Chevy Traverse with DIC, follow these steps.

Resetting old Chevy Traverse’s oil light using DIC

1.       Turn the ignition on without running the engine. Moreover, make sure the gear is in the Park/P position.

2.       Now press the “Chevy Vehicle Information” button. It is usually located on the center console of the car. Please press this button repeatedly until it displays the “Oil life” in percentages.

3.       Next, press the “Ok” button after viewing the remaining oil life. Continue this step until the screen shows 100 percent oil life.

Resetting the old Chevy Traverse’s oil light using the Trip button

For old Traverses without DIC, oil life can be reset using the Trip button.

1.       Turn the ignition key on to start the car without starting the engine.

2.       Now press and hold the “Trip stem” button. It is located on the instrumental panel. Repeat this step until the display shows the remaining oil life of your Chevy Traverse.

3.       After this, press and hold the trip stem button again until the displays or dashboard screen shows 100% oil life.

You have successfully reset the oil light on your Chevy Traverse.

Final thoughts

That’s all about resetting the oil light on Chevy Traverse. This process may take some time if you are unfamiliar with how it works. Hence, give yourself plenty of time to get it done. We hope this guide has proved helpful to you. However, if you still have trouble resetting the oil light after reading this guide, feel free to ask us. Moreover, you can also consult a certified Chevy mechanic. He will be able to help you out and ensure that your car is running smoothly.






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