Nissan Titan Years To Avoid

Nissan Titan Years To Avoid

One of the best and most affordable full-size pickup trucks in the United States, the Nissan Titan line prides itself on its robustness and reliability. However, not every model in this line of trucks will give you a bang for your buck, as some of them are infested by the worst maintenance and performance defects.

Before making a purchase, you should be aware of the Nissan Titan years to avoid. So, buckle up as we explore just that in this guide.

7 Worst Nissan Titan Years You Should Avoid

Despite the sturdy design, reliable steering, and great mileage, Nissan Titan isn’t a perfect pick-up truck by any means. Various models in this line are home to severe complications, making them unsafe to drive and costly to maintain.

Following is our list of the 7 worst Nissan Titan years you should avoid due to their flaws and performance issues.

1. 2004 Nissan Titan

2004 Nissan Titan

The launch of the Nissan Titan was the forthcoming of disasters, as the very first car in this line was plagued with a number of performance issues and manufacturing defects. Dozens of customers went online to talk about their negative experiences with it. Some of the most well-known reported issues with the 2004 Nissan Titan are listed below:

  • Drivetrain problems like failure of rear and front differential
  • Cooling system faults which include leakage of radiator
  • Exhaust system problems
  • Brakes not functioning properly.

The 2004 Nissan Titan has the highest number of customer-filed complaints at Car Complaints. Many users reported experiencing issues such as leakages, inadequate differentials, and significant clunking noise while reversing the truck. Some users even complained about the rear axle breaking down while they were speeding.

2. 2005 Nissan Titan

The year following the launch of the Nissan Titan line of cars didn’t see any improvements, as the 2005 model was plagued with its own set of issues. Among dozens of problems reported by customers, the following were most prevalent.

  • Rear Axle failure
  • Electrical problems causing shutdown during driving
  • AC and Heater faults
  • Doors getting stuck
  • Poor paint job on the car’s exterior

Real Axle failure is one of the most notorious problems that customers experienced with Nissan Titan. Its rectification can cost you up to $3,100 on average. The total number of customer complaints it had over at Car Complaints reaches up to 53. According to Consumer Reports, a total of 6 recalls have been issued for the 2005 Nissan Titan.

3. 2006 Nissan Titan

For the 3rd consecutive year, Nissan saw another disappointing launch of their Titan pick-up truck as people were still not pleased by its performance. The 2006 Nissan Titan did improve in various departments, as there were far fewer electrical and engine-related problems. However, many users faced various complications in other aspects of the car, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Real Axle seal leaks
  • Steering and control problems
  • Transmission system failure
  • Wheel bearings tearing out

The average cost to fix the Real Axle seal leaks is around $2,300, causing a high-priced burden on the consumer. It amassed a total of 29 complaints at Car Complaints by customers who weren’t pleased with their purchase. So far, 7 recalls of the 2006 Nissan Truck have been issued, according to Consumer Reports.

4. 2008 Nissan Titan

2008 Nissan Titan

After various improvements in the 2007 Nissan Titan and an overall positive experience, customers had higher expectations for the 2008 Nissan Titan. However, those expectations met their demise as the 2008 model of the pick-up truck seemingly downgraded from the 2007 version in almost every aspect. The following problems were most commonly reported by customers.

  • Transmission system problems
  • Suspension problems
  • Windows getting stuck often
  • Interior accessories like Center Console cracking

There have been 32 official complaints registered by consumers on Car Complaints concerning the 2008 Nissan Titan. The most common complaint reported by its users was about the transmission, as many experienced issues while changing gears, especially when climbing hills or towing a heavy load. Furthermore, according to Consumer Reports, a total of 5 recalls have been issued for this model, which concerns the safety of the driver.

5. 2011 Nissan Titan

Nissan admittedly made several improvements in the design of their later models, as most seemed to perform well for several years. However, due to issues faced by various customers regarding Suspension, Heating system, and Windows, the 2011 Nissan Titan ended up on our list. The most common reported problems regarding the 2011 Nissan Titan are listed below.

  • Suspension problems including premature shock failure
  • Heater and AC sudden failure
  • Various windows and windshield problems
  • Seat belt locks among other internal accessories problems

Aside from them, there have been minor reports of problems related to engine noise, visibility, access, fuel economy, and turning circle. While the 2011 Nissan Titan only had 20 customer complaints on Car Complaints, most of them were too severe to ignore.

6. 2016 Nissan Titan

2016 Nissan Titan

After several successful launches, Nissan once again launched a truck that generated hot debates on various online car complaints and problems discussion forums. The 2016 Nissan Titan was plagued with various design faults, some of which are mentioned in the list below.

  • Exhaust system problems like exhaust fumes in the cabin
  • Sudden engine failures
  • Car shifting and lurching during the take-off
  • Steering and control issues

A total of 17 customer complaints were filed about the 2016 Nissan Titan on Car Complaints.

Many individuals complained about the faulty turbo actuator and the cooling of the engine. According to Consumer Reports, there have been 3 recall notifications about this truck which is a worrying sign for its owner’s safety. 

7. 2018 Nissan Titan

2018 Nissan Titan

We wrap up our list with the 2018 Nissan Titan, which faced severe vibration issues while driving the car at high speeds. It has been widely regarded as the most severe safety-related fault in this line of pick-up trucks. The most common issues reported by customers regarding the 2018 Nissan Titan are listed below:

  • Severe vibrations at highway speed
  • Engine fails to start
  • Whistling sounds from the fuel tank and fuel pump failure
  • Gas pedal not working

The vibrations that customers experienced during highway speeds compromised the safety, and it costs around $7,000 to rectify this fault. Overall, 22 complaints were registered on the Car Complaints by customers regarding this particular model. Moreover, there have been 4 recalls for the 2018 Nissan Titan, higher than some of the more recent models launched before it.

Nissan Titan Ratings From Consumer Reports

Now that you know about all the Nissan Titans you should avoid, we have prepared a summary of those models below. It constitutes the overall customer satisfaction from Consumer Reports, the number of recalls issued, and the number of customer complaints filed on Car Complaints.

Look at the list of mentioned Nissan Titan years below for comparison.

Nissan Titan YearOwner Satisfaction (Out of 5)Number of RecallsNumber of Complaints


This concludes our list of the worst Nissan Titan year that you should avoid. No matter how budget-friendly a car or truck may seem, it is always recommended to know about its flaws and issues before making a purchase. When choosing a vehicle for personal use, its safety, reliability, and maintenance costs should be your top priority.






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